3 Important Tips to Help You Prevent Fires During a Drought

Tips to Help You Prevent Fires During a Drought


One of the most dangerous aspects of drought, whether it’s seasonal or long-standing, is the added risk of fires. It takes little time for a fire to destroy hundreds of acres of open land and property. Below are three important tips to help you prevent the start of a fire.

1. Have a Fire Safety Plan

In both your personal home and your place of business, you should have a fire safety plan. A home should have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to alert anyone inside to any fire safety hazards; a place of business also needs fire sprinklers and a fire protection company California on call to complete regular inspections of the equipment. In both places, everyone should know where a fire extinguisher is and how to safely evacuate in the event of a fire. Keeping a small fire contained is one way to prevent it from spreading quickly.

2. Adhere to Burn Bans

During drought conditions, local governments will often declare burn bans. A burn ban means no one should burn trash or shrubbery, should refrain from lighting all fireworks, and should not use fire pits in campgrounds. Many large fires are started by human error; therefore, they can be prevented if everyone took the necessary precautions by avoiding sparks when told to do so. Even though you are permitted to grill or barbeque at your place of residence during a burn ban, you should keep in mind standard safety rules, such as keeping the grill away from the structure, having a fire extinguisher handy, and never leaving it unattended.

3. Save Water

Water during a drought is scarce. In the case of a large fire outbreak, it may be hard for firefighters to put out the fire if water is not readily available. Do your part by saving water at home or at work to help emergency responders do their jobs swiftly.

You can prevent fires during a drought by doing your part in simple ways.

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