3 Safety Tips For New Gun Owners

3 Safety Tips For New Gun Owners


People decide to buy guns for many reasons, from personal protection to competitive shooting. However, there is more to gun ownership than purchasing a firearm and ammunition. The gun must be stored properly, practiced regularly and protective accessories used.

1. Practise Regularly

Not getting enough practice with a firearm can lead to deteriorating skills. Not being able to reliably hit the intended target will create problems and can lead to serious accidents. Practice keeping the finger off the trigger unless ready to shoot and engage the safety when not ready to fire. Being able to quickly holster and unholster a firearm is especially important for first time concealed carry gun owners. Gun owners should practice loading and unloading their firearm, as well as disassembling, reassembling and cleaning it to become as comfortable as possible.

2. Use Protective Equipment

Shooting a gun exposes people to loud noises that can cause hearing loss over time. While it may not always be feasible to use ear protection in every scenario, using earplugs and suppressors whenever possible is a good idea.

3. Find Secure Storage

It is incredibly important to store the firearm safely in the home to prevent accidents or theft, especially if there are multiple people living in the home. Laws dictating storage requirements vary by region, so all local and state laws should be thoroughly researched before bringing a firearm into a home. Gun safes and cabinets are preferable storage options in most cases, with the ammunition stored separately from the firearm.

Anyone who wants to own a gun should be prepared to take on the responsibility of protecting themselves and others by following good safety practices. It is a good idea to consult a professional with any questions to ensure good shooting habits are developed and all applicable laws are being followed.

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