A Detailed Guide to Different Vacuum Cleaner Attachments and Their Uses

Cleaner Attachments


Vacuums are designed to clean more than simply floors and carpets; they can also remove water, grime, and bigger debris. This multipurpose cleaning powerhouse may be used for several domestic duties, eliminating the need for a cupboard full of cleaning supplies to keep your house clean. The appropriate cleaning tools can help you clean everything from your floors and mattresses to refrigerator coils and air vents. Use them to complete more tasks for you while requiring less elbow grease and effort on your side.

The automatic vacuum cleaner has emerged as a key household appliance, enabling us to achieve this goal with ease and efficiency. To maximize the effectiveness of your cleaning routine, it’s essential to understand the functionality of these various attachments.

In this article, we will delve into the different vacuum cleaner attachments and their uses, empowering you to optimize your cleaning experience.

1. Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is a narrow, angled attachment designed to reach tight spaces and corners. It is also perfect for vacuuming areas such as vents, windowsills, and tight spaces between furniture, under the oven, washer, and other appliances.

2. Upholstery Tool

The upholstery tool is a wide, flat attachment with a lint-catching fabric strip that is perfect for cleaning various fabrics and surfaces. This attachment removes dust, dirt, and pet hair from furniture, mattresses, curtains, and cushions. The lint-catching strip aids in attracting and holding hair and lint, making it a valuable addition to your vacuum cleaner accessories.

3. Blowing brush

The blowing brush is compatible with select vacuum cleaners, converting them into a blower to blow dirt. It is ideal for blowing dust off items such as lampshades, blinds, picture frames, and shelves.

4. Extension Tube

The extension tube is a long, rigid tube that can be attached to the vacuum cleaner hose, allowing you to reach high and hard-to-reach areas. This attachment is excellent for cleaning ceiling fans, light fixtures, and tall shelves. It is also useful in vacuuming stairs and other vertical surfaces without straining your back. The extension wand is an essential accessory for those hard-to-reach places.

5. Floor Carpet Brush

The floor carpet brush is equipped with nylon bristles with carbon coating to clean your tiles, wooden, marble, and granite floors, as well as your carpets. The bristles of the brush effectively remove dust and debris without scratching the floor, making it an essential attachment for those with hard flooring.

Some of the Forbes vacuum cleaners that make cleaning easy yet smart are –

  1. Forbes Robotic LVac Voice Pro Vacuum Cleaner is an intelligent robot cleaner that comes with different inbuilt tools and its powerful suction can clean dry dirt dust and wet spills efficiently. Its 3D laser scans your entire house and creates a real-time map for easy navigation and automated cleaning. It is a multi-surface cleaner that has different modes like silent mode, and a specific app so that you can operate the device from a smartphone.
  2. Forbes Cordless ZeroBend Z21 Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning. The cleaner bends and cleans difficult-to-reach nooks and corners easily. It has a suction motor that works at 210 Air Watts (30 Kpa) in Turbo Mode. The vacuum cleaner comes with Zero Bend Technology which makes it easier for the vacuum cleaner to bend flexibly and clean. The cyclonic technology in the vacuum cleaner captures and separates fine dust from the air, making deep cleaning easy & efficient.
  3. The Sure from Forbes Dyno Vac is a portable vacuum cleaner with a powerful 1400W motor that provides high suction to eliminate dust and allergens effectively. It includes a big 2L dust container, a 3.3-meter cord, and a variety of accessories, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning experience. With a one-year warranty, the Dyno Vac is the ideal partner for a clean and healthy house. Improve your cleaning experience with this efficient and flexible vacuum cleaner.
  4. The Forbes 2-in-1 NXT vacuum cleaner is a versatile cleaning machine that combines a powerful 500W motor with both a handheld and stick vacuum. Its dual functionalities make it perfect for cleaning various surfaces, including upholstery, carpets, and hard floors. The lightweight design and ergonomic handle ensure comfortable and effortless cleaning. The vacuum cleaner comes with a wide range of accessories, including a crevice nozzle, brush, and floor cum carpet brush, to tackle different cleaning needs. With a bagless design, an easy-to-empty dust container, and 1-year warranty, the Forbes 2-in-1 NXT is your ultimate choice for a convenient and efficient cleaning experience.

Understanding the different vacuum cleaner attachments and their uses will help you make the most out of your automatic vacuum cleaner. By utilizing the appropriate attachments, you can ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning routine that leaves your home spotless and healthy. So, make sure you invest in the right attachments to enhance your vacuum cleaner’s performance and make your cleaning tasks a breeze.

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