Checklist To Analyze A Web Page And Know If It Is Professional And Of Quality

Checklist To Analyze A Web Page And Know If It Is Professional And Of Quality


The website of a Marketing Agency or institution is its image on the internet and a fundamental means to achieve its objectives. You know that but how can you check if your page is of quality?

This is one of the most worrying issues and to know it in-depth and how to improve it, A web consultancy would be necessary. 

We have prepared a basic checklist that can help you to know, if a web portal is professional or not and to know in which areas you need to improve.

To do this,  you only have to answer the following questions.

Basic Checklist To Monitor If Your Website Is Professional

  1. Do you think your website works?
  2. When did you do the last redesign? Less than 4 years?
  3. Do you use a CMS?
  4. Is it a responsive design?
  5. Have you ever worried about the usability of your page?
  6. Do your visitors find what they need and what you want them to find?
  7. Is your website well positioned in search engines?
  8. Does it comply with the LOPD?
  9. Is it optimized to be shared on social networks?
  10. Do you follow the web information design standards?

Next, we explain all the questions, in case you have any questions.

1. Do You Think Your Website Works?

You know your website and your business. So, the first thing you have to ask yourself is what is the objective, you are pursuing with your SEO UAE website.

All websites have an objective and you have to know if your website is fulfilling theirs.

If your website doesn’t attract traffic, subscribers, or sales, you may have a problem with the quality of your website. 

You may also suspect that your competition attracts many more visitors than you. If you have doubts then you may have a problem.

2. When Did You Do The Last Redesign? Less Than 4 Years?

Unfortunately, on the Internet, time flies, and designs change a lot which makes web pages outdated. 

In addition, technologies also change and if you have not changed for a long time, your website may not offer the professional image you need.

Also, you should check that the web portal does not use technologies that should no longer be used, such as flash or java.

Another aspect that you should check is that the font sizes are now larger than a few years ago, not for design reasons but to help the legibility of the texts. 

White spaces are also used more and agglomeration is avoided which was so worn before.

3. Do You Use A CMS?

Most of the web pages already use them, they improve content management a lot and you will save time and money.

In addition, CMS like WordPress or Joomla have a multitude of plugins that will expand the functionalities of your SEO Platform website and you can easily add improvements to your website.

The maintenance will be easier and update it more often which improves the impression of the visitors, compared to totally static and obsolete pages.

4. Is It Responsive Design?

This type of design allows you to have a single version of your website that adapts to all devices.

Having a Responsive Design website is really important and the best solution for users is to access all the content from the device, it is even backed by Google. You should be able to see all the content on the tool’s screen.

5. Have You Ever Worried About The Usability Of Your Page?

If this word is not familiar to you, we explain what it is. Sometimes usability is great forgotten and is relegated to the background and other areas are prioritized, such as having a beautiful design.

But it is essential for a website to achieve its objectives and without it, you could be losing money. A professional website must take into account usability yes or yes.

There are ways to know if your website is usable for users or not. For websites with high budgets, an SEO Expert in Dubai helps to determine what the usability problems of the website are and recommendations for improvement are made.

But we know that not all companies or institutions have so much budget, so you can choose to carry out a heuristic usability test which helps to detect serious usability problems and can also seriously affect the conversion of your page.

There are some templates that you can use and that can give you an idea of ​​whether your website is good or not but you need some knowledge of the usability guidelines to deepen and determine if it is really useful or not. 

You can also hire a heuristic test (adapted to your case) carried out by an expert who will tell you what you should improve and how to solve problems.

If you want to know more about usability and its benefits you can read the following post: Web usability test. Benefits of analyzing your company’s website.

6. Do Your Visitors Find What They Need And What You Want Them To Find?

If you analyze your statistics, queries through forms or by phone with conversations with people who browse your website (clients, suppliers, potential clients). 

You will surely know if they usually find what they need or if they have told you that they have a problem. You can also analyze if you receive many calls with requests for information that is clearly (or so you think) on the web.

The information architecture of the web, that is, the structure of menus and accesses is another attribute that determines the quality of a web. The organization of the contents must be adapted to the users, to prevent them from not finding what they need.

7. Is Your Website Well Positioned In Search Engines?

You have probably tried to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or have even hired a company to perform these tasks but are you ahead of your competition in search engines, do you have the visibility or traffic you need?

The page must be optimized for search engines: among other things, it must have optimized meta tags, make use of headings (H1, H2, H3), etc. If you change your content, you do not worry about these aspects, you will have problems.

A website is not professional if it is not optimized for search engines and does not obtain the necessary visibility to meet its objectives.

8. Does It Comply With The European Data Protection Regulation?

All web pages must have the corresponding legal notices, privacy policies, and cookie notices accessible and appropriate for each case, not only to comply with this regulation and avoid fines, so that users have more confidence in your portal.

9. Is It Optimized To Be Shared On Social Networks? 

It is essential, especially, if you have a blog or news section, that the content is shared correctly on social networks.

If a user finds your information interesting, it offers tools so that they can share it easily, and not only that, it also optimizes, so that it is displayed correctly when they do so.

This will earn us a lot of users who do not normally stop to choose the best image or change the description of the link. 

If we can offer an adequate image and description, we will be able to spread the content much more than if we do not optimize it.

10. Do You Follow The Web Information Design Standards?

And last but not least, it is important not to depart from the usual standards to which the user is accustomed, for example:

  • Is the menu at the top or to the left?
  • Are the most important pieces of information on the left of the screen?
  • Is the right part reserved for additional information?
  • Do you reserve the Hamburger menu (the one with the three horizontal lines), only for mobile navigation?

A too original website will cause problems for most of the users.

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