Co-Occurring Disorder: Education along with Medication

Alcohol Withdrawal


There are many things in this world that cannot be cured unless the diseased person decide to fight hard. Some fights are long and require person to hold the ground with everything. Addiction is one of such things that cannot be treated unless the very root is treated. It will keep on coming back shattering the confidence and increasing the suffering. When addictive substances are used as a remedy of some other hidden issue, it cannot be treated until the issue is treated. With the relapse of the hidden issue, addiction will kick in again making the fight a far more worse thing. People with co-occurring disorder needs certain type of care as they with Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome.

What’s the deal?

When a person has both a mental illness and an addiction, this is known as a co-occurring disorder. Those with substance use disorders are twice as likely to exhibit signs of a mental health issue, according to the National Institute on Drug Addiction. A dual diagnosis can be given to someone with any combination of mental illnesses. Given that the symptoms of the co-occurring disorders may overlap, diagnosing someone with them can be challenging. For instance, a cocaine addict might display maniac-like characteristics. They may not, however, be suffering from bipolar disorder. Without the right care, a person with a dual condition may become homeless, in jail, suicidal, or even die.

Treating both simultaneously

Whenever a person has two disorders that co-occur, they must seek treatment that treats both diseases at once. Co-occurring disorders are common, therefore those who cope with them have a wide range of treatment options. Living with a co-occurring disorder requires lifelong learning. It’s not possible when people are patient with themselves and their process since it takes time. There is no end date for recovery because it is a way of life.

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