Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords

Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords


For most companies it is important to have a presence on the Internet. Therefore, “Digitalmarketing” has become a key factor for brands. Digital marketing agencies help companies to build their reputation.

Each brand must know its objectives and strategies that must be used on the appropriate platform. Join “SEO Forums” to know about more useful strategies.

Today, if a brand is not on the Internet, then it would not be known among the people, and would practically be forgotten by millennials and future generations. You can consult “SEO in Dubai” to get guidelines about advertisement on the internet.

Therefore, they choose to be in the digital world to promote their products. For this, the brand must know and define its objectives well to select which medium will work best for it.

In order to be on the right track in digital marketing, for campaigns and brands, there are four main goals that will help to get guidelines about their goal:

  • Recognition: This would help the user to know our brand. It would be the first objective to make the user aware of our business. Its main metric is impressions and ranges.
  • Interest: In this objective, the brand will create a strategy plan to generate interest in its products or services. In this way, he will be able to have a certain degree of interest when interacting with social networks or when visiting the website.
  • Conversion: In this objective, the user already knows who we are, and he likes interacting with what he sees, so he complies with the conversion, that is, he shares our content or product.
  • Loyalty: This last objective seeks to encourage users who have already made the conversion, and therefore experts create more strategies to bring the user again and again.

To differentiate Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, we will explain how they differ and work.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is a Platform that Helps to Promote your Fan Page on this Social Network. In addition, it allows you to advertise your graphics, videos and all your publications that will be shown on the user’s profile timeline.

To generate publicity for the page, you must pay for the content to be shown to the public of interest.

Many brands prefer to be present on Facebook, because this social network has the highest number of active users per month, reaching almost more than 1.28 billion.

In addition, it has 43.8% reach among all Internet users. This information can be found on Facebook Basics.

Facebook Ads Differences

Facebook Ads is one of the platforms that are being used by thousands of businesses, and who want to be present on this social network, to reach more customers, and continue to sell more.

Therefore, we will show you some of the defined differences of this platform that will help to increase your followers, and sales.

The Potential Customer may not have the Stimulus and you have to Generate the Need

In Facebook Ads, users do not search for your brand, it is you who addresses them through the business fanpage and the ads you make. Therefore, having clear objectives and defined strategies will help you to generate the need for them to see your products or services as the first option.

You Target a Potential Audience and cannot Accurately Project Conversions

When targeting your potential users, keep in mind that many times you cannot accurately project yourself in conversions, that is, that they do not yet know your brand, and as a first point, they need to know it so that your fanpage can become more noticeable and visible.

Segmentation Levels Based on Demographic Data, Interests and Behaviors

To segment your audience, Facebook Ads helps you to create levels of segmentation, according to demographic bases.

Also, it is based on the interests of the user that includes their hobbies and favorite places. And finally, it is segmented into user behavior. This is governed by how you behave and react on Facebook.

It Allows you to Carry Out Two Campaigns to Obtain a Better Result (Test A/B)

It helps advertisers to see the different aspects of their ads, and how they affect campaign performance. For example, tests or A/B allow you to carry out two campaigns to obtain a better result.

Tracking Pixel to Measure Conversions

By measuring conversions, they will allow you to track the actions people take after interacting with your Facebook ad. This allows you to see which device they first viewed, the ad on, and which device they converted to.

Control of the Bid of Each Ad to Avoid Exceeding the Assigned Budget

Facebook Ads allows you to have the automatic bid that helps you to have a specific value of the result that you are optimizing; and manual bid, where you can indicate what is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the result.

It should be noted that you must take into account the most common mistakes of investing in Facebook Ads.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a service and program of Google, and is used to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers, who through this giant network, can offer their products and services. In recent years, it has become a powerful digital marketing tool.

Google AdWords is a service and program of Google, and is used to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers, who through this giant network, can offer their products and services. In recent years, it has become a powerful digital marketing tool.

Google AdWords Differences

Now, we will introduce you to the Google AdWords differences. This Google service takes into account the quality and relevance of the ads. This makes the search and the ad that is displayed relevant, increasing the customer experience.

In addition, there are tips that will help us to improve ads on Google AdWords. Therefore, we will show you the most defined characteristics of Google AdWords:

  • The potential client possibly already has the stimulus and you have to give a solution to the need.

Unlike Facebook Ads, where you have to reach customers through ads on the social network, Google AdWords has another system. Here, the customer already has a need, so he searches for the product or service.

When you search, you find thousands of options, but companies seek to be the first option, that is, to appear as first in the search.

  • Based on search keywords, number of searches, relevance and suggested bid

To be first in the search for the client, you must plan the keywords that are relevant to the product or service you offer. In Google AdWords, a free tool called Keyword Planner is offered to increase the performance of these keywords.

In addition, this tool can help you to choose competitive bids and budgets for campaigns.

  • You stick to a search amount and could accurately project conversions

Remember that in Google AdWords your customers search for the product or service, so the more searches they make and ‘click’ your ad, the more likely they are to access the service or product that you offer, and you can be the first option for them.

This would help them to be the first in their search for information.

  • You place a text of interest or ads with images on Red Display

In Google AdWords, the ads that appear in the search are texts, where we want customers to click on the ad and be the first contact of the brand with them.

They appear above or below the Google Search results. The ad text consists of a title, which should be the first thing that attracts the attention of customers. Then there is the visible URL and the specific description that highlights details of the product or service.

On the other hand, we have ads with images that can appear on websites and in other spaces of the Display Network. These ads contain an image that provides information about the company’s products and services.

  • Conduct an inversion experiment

Like Facebook Ads, use the A/B test to measure which of the two advertising campaigns is better for you.

Google AdWords allows you to carry out an investment experiment where you can place a number of keywords in order to be used simultaneously for them.

Or the same level of frequency, that is, that Google AdWords suggests you with which keyword you can be more successful and be the first in the search for your customers.

  • Conversion Code

Conversion code is a Google AdWords tool that allows you to see what happens after a user clicks on one of your ads. In this way, you can see how your ad generates valuable activity with customers, how you shop on the website, among others.

  • Maximum bid (The maximum you will pay)

When you choose to run your ads on Google, you must decide to set your bid options which will be the highest amount you are willing to pay for a click on the ad.

Managing them allows you to influence the amount of traffic your ads receive. With higher bids, the campaign is likely to have more traffic, although you may be spending more money.

How is it Optimized in Facebook Ads and Google AdWords?

Which to Choose?

Actually, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords have the same goals: to sell. In addition, they have very similar systems, only that they change in some aspects such as the segmentation difference of their clients or in the way in which they reach their clients, or how they reach the ad, among others.

For this reason, we highlight that no platform is better than another, but that they can be adapted to the needs of your company or business.

Facebook Ads is ideal for branding wider audiences and generating sales of products or services that interest users of this social network. While Google AdWords is the perfect default sales tool for any product or service search.

Although Google AdWords is for direct and specific sales, Facebook allows us to extend our expectation whenever we generate the stimulus to acquire our product or service.

It is because before you must choose one of these very useful platforms for advertising in the digital world, you must consider some variables:

Budget: See if your budget is enough to pay for Facebook Ads, or if you can fit for the costs of Google AdWords. It should be noted that both platforms are flexible and fit any budget.

Objective: Keep in mind that if you want to do branding, a combination of both tools could merge very well for your brand.

Theme: Some themes do not fit very well in Facebook Ads, and others do, therefore, it is necessary to be clear about the objectives to have good results.


To analyze which platform will be used to promote your brand, you have to think about the objectives you have, check the advantages that each one offers us, and that it fits with what we want to show customers.

Both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are excellent tools for publishing on the Internet. If you want sales to be more direct and specific then use Google AdWords, and if you want to generate branding in mass audiences, then you can use Facebook Ads.

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