Guide to clear the B1 level English exam

Guide to clear the B1 level English exam


The English exams are ranked according to their level of difficulty from the A1 level to different levels. The B1 English test is an intermediate level exam that is necessary to get citizenship and similar purposes in the UK. If you are a B1 level in the language you will have proof of your proficiency in the language and this will make your citizenship and ILR related approvals much easier. If you are just starting to speak the language you would want some tips to enhance your listening and speaking skills in this language. Here is a guide for you to clear this exam without any difficulties.

Be clear when you explain

The examiner will expect good speaking skills from you if you are attempting the B1 level exam. You must be very clear when you speak. Since there are two phases of evaluation you have to prepare accordingly. Search the internet serves as a good source of materials that can help you with common topics and possible questions. Pick a topic and start preparing before the exam. If you want to clear the exam in the first attempt then make sure you are clear enough in your explanation as well as when you answer the examiner’s questions.

Do not be nervous

Get a good night’s sleep before the exam as this will keep your mind relaxed. When we are nervous we tend to blabber and we don’t want that. You have to keep practicing until you are very confident about speaking fluently. Try to read news articles or other sources available on the web and build your vocabulary. Each time you read new articles you will come across words you did not know before, so you should make a note of it to learn the pronunciation and understand the meaning. When you are explaining your topic to the examiner you can use new words that fit the sentence and clear the exam.

Booking for the exam

Once you feel that you are ready then you can book for the exam. This has to be 3-4 days before the date you feel convenient. Last-minute bookings are not allowed by most of the providers and it is not recommended to book in haste. When you know you can crack the exam you can book your slot by filling the registration form online and paying the exam fee that is 200.00 GBP. There are no exceptions for a refund if you forgot to give the exam or very late because you are choosing the date and the location make sure you do not miss it.

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These are some important tips and information that you needed to know about this 10 minutes long test of your listening and speaking skills. Practice can make anybody perfect in the language of their choice and you should be dedicated to learning new languages. The B1 English test is very important for the approval of your settlement and citizenship in the UK so make sure you clear it.

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