Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Lists Some of the Most Unconventional Ways to Cook Eggs

Unconventional Ways to Cook Eggs


Eggs are affordable, taste amazing, and are easy to cook. People can easily buy eggs from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, and prepare them in almost any way they want. Eggs are, after all, nutritional powerhouses filled with protein, fat, and vitamin D, and therefore would be a great addition to any meal.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania points out a few unconventional ways to cook eggs

Eggs are one of the most popular staple food items at in most kitchens across the world. The best thing about having eggs at home is one can try to cook them in any manner they want. In fact, people can even use their dishwasher, slow cooker, or microwave for cooking eggs. Here are a few unconventional ways to cook eggs that one must try out:

  • Hard-boiled eggs in the dishwasher: To make hard-boiled eggs without any hard work, one can just put them inside the dishwasher while running a load. It, however, is important to put them inside a plastic bag in case the eggs crack during the vicious rinse cycle.
  • Scrambled eggs in a rice cooker: This process is perfect for making flan-like eggs without an oven, or for feeding a number of people who may not be eating at the same time. One just needs to add water to whisked eggs and allow them to steam to get a silky soft custard, or melt butter in a pan and try to scramble eggs in the pot. The pot should be covered, and one has to stir it every 5 minutes until done. These scrambled eggs may take about 15 minutes to prepare. The rice cooker switch must be flipped to “warm” to keep the eggs at the right temperature till they are served.
  • Poached eggs in the microwave: Poaching eggs in a microwave would be a good idea at the office or even in a hotel room. One just needs to crack an egg into a microwave-safe bowl or mug, pour 1/2 cup water along with a bit of vinegar, and put it in the microwave for 1 minute at high heat. If it isn’t done by then, then one can continue to cook at 50% power in 20-second increments.
  • Soft-boiled eggs in sous vide: Eggs with thick and creamy yolk, and soft whites can be prepared in a sous vide. One needs to first preheat water to 149.9℉ to soft boil the egg perfectly. Then the eggs have to be lowered into the water bath using a smooth, kept in it for 45 minutes and then removed to be run under cold water for a few seconds.
  • Hard-“boiled” eggs in the oven: For people who are making hard boiled eggs for a large group of people, using the oven would be a much smarter move than boiling them in a pan. The eggs can be baked at 325℉ for 30 minutes, with the eggs placed parallel to the bars on the racks.

Any of the methods mentioned above can be tried out after buying fresh eggs from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania, without any hassle. As people are likely to use typical pans and pots every day to make eggs, it is always a good idea to keep things interesting and try something unconventional once in a while.

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