Home Improvement Tasks You Don’t Want to Overlook

Home Improvement Tasks


Owning a home is part of the American Dream but it comes with some big responsibilities, too. Taking care of the exterior and interior of your home will ensure you have a safe and beautiful place to call home. It pays to take the time to address home maintenance tasks before they become a big problem with a hefty price tag. Here are three home improvement items to add to your list.

Check Your Garage Doors

Having your garage doors checked and your automatic garage system serviced can keep your garage doors running smoothly all year long. Service technicians like the team at Austin’s Greater Garage Doors can lubricate the door, tighten bolts and screw and adjust the tension on the door springs to ensure it operates at peak performance. If you have had issues in the past or the door makes loud noises, be sure to notify the Pflugerville garage door repair technician you hire so they can investigate and address any concerns.

Feel For Drafts

Whether you are heading into colder weather or the heat of the summer, you want to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, and drafty windows and doors are notorious for boosting your heating/cooling bill. Walk around your home and feel for drafts in window sills and around your doors. Look for cracks of daylight coming in that indicate a gap or crack in the door frame or the door itself. You can use caulk to fill small gaps and cracks and you can also replace weather stripping to ensure a tight seal.

Don’t Forget the Gutters

A gutter’s sole purpose is to channel water away from your home. A gutter can’t do its job if it is full of leaves or debris. If you can safely access your gutters, give them a quick inspection and make sure they are free-flowing. If you can’t reach your gutters or would rather trust the job to the pros, call a local gutter company to complete the inspection and any necessary repairs. Time is of the essence! You don’t want to have to worry about fixing your gutters in the dead of the winter so be proactive with this task.


These three home maintenance tasks are frequently forgotten about until it is too late. Make sure you keep an eye on your garage, windows, doors and gutters and don’t wait to service them. Don’t let your home maintenance to-do list get too long. Stay on top of things and keep your castle in tip-top shape.

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