How To Paint Your Wooden Furniture Like a Pro

Wooden Furniture


Why throw away your favourite wooden lawn chair or not buy second-hand furniture that you can’t stop thinking about simply because it is a little rusty when you can paint it and give it a new life? Refurbishing old furniture is an emerging home décor trend as today people are trying to be sustainable and adopting minimalism.

If you too have decided to join the bandwagon and repaint your old furniture instead of throwing them away, then kudos to you. Don’t know where to begin though? Fret not, because we have brought to you the only guide you will ever need to become a pro at painting your wooden furniture.


If you are planning to paint a couple of home furniture at once, then set aside a weekend to do the painting without having to rush through it. Before you start the painting make sure that you gather all the tools like sandpaper, sander, rag, drop cloth, spray paint for wood, primer, safety gears and screwdriver.

Decide how you want to paint 

Decide if you want to paint it intact or feel that you can paint it better by disassembling it. Disassembling helps you evenly paint every part of the furniture and it is great if you are planning to take the wooden furniture to your backyard and paint in the open.


You cannot skip this crucial step as if your furniture has dust or grime on it then the paint for your wood furniture will not stick to the surface properly and this will affect the durability of the paint. So, gently wipe your furniture with a dilute cleaner before you start painting.


You can either do it the old school way with 120-grit sandpaper or invest in a sander that will help you sand a larger surface faster and more efficiently. A pro tip is to use both as sanding by hand makes it easy to reach the crevices of your furniture. Remember to be gentle when you are sanding and clean away the dirt before you move to the next step.


If you notice that the old furniture has chipped off paint and you feel that sanding won’t be enough then strip off the old paint with a scraper and then clean away the residue.

Test the adhesion quality 

A pro tip that professional painters swear by is to always check the adhesion, colour and finish of the primer and the paint discreetly on the furniture. This will give you a chance to choose a new paint for your wood furniture if you feel that the one you bought doesn’t match the original paint hue.


Priming your furniture is important as it creates a smooth canvas for you to paint on. Typically, one or two coats of primer are enough for wooden pieces. A handy hack to remove any air bubbles on the surface after you apply the primer is to sand it again. Keep in mind that you must let the first coat dry completely before you apply the second coat.


You can either use a roller, brush or spray paint for wood to paint your furniture. The best thing to do is use a roller and a paintbrush to make sure that you cover all the areas properly. After the first coat dries completely, sand it gently and clean the residue. Next, you can decide if you want to go for a second coat depending on how the finished product looks.

Remember to let your painted furniture fully dry for at least a day in a well-ventilated area before you assemble it back. Have you finally realised how much potential your vintage furniture pieces have? If yes, then check out the Asian Paints website right away to buy the best paint for wood furniture.

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