Martin Sanders Talks about How Crucial It is for People to Stay Fit and Healthy

Martin Sanders Talks about How Crucial It is for People to Stay Fit and Healthy


Health is wealth is one of the most common sayings that people come across in their lives, and this phrase holds a great deal of prominence to it. As long as people are healthy, they would be able to live their life to the fullest. Martin Sanders mentions the fact that people who have unhealthy habits and lifestyle, on the other hand, would face a high risk of acquiring certain illnesses or health conditions that may disrupt their daily routine to a significant extent. Staying healthy should hence be a focus of people of all ages, whether they are just growing up or growing old. It would be a prudent move for people to start developing various healthy habits and mannerisms from a young age, and maintaining them throughout their life, as it can work wonders in making sure that they stay illness-free even at an old age.

Martin Sanders underlines some key aspects of staying fit and healthy

In addition to their physical health, staying fit can also impact the mental well-being of people. While stressing on the importance of fitness, Martin Sanders says that people should start eating healthy and engage in leading a fit lifestyle while they are young. This factor would ultimately make their body strong and healthy, and provide it with the capacity to efficiently cope with the rigors and strains involved in fighting diverse types of illnesses. Exercising and eating healthy when they are young quite often aids people to make sure that they are hale and hearty at the latter stages of their life. Apart from these elements, getting regular sleep also has a crucial role to play in ensuring the overall well-being of people. Instances of staying up late at night often leave people feeling too tired to work the very next day. As a result, people should try to at least try to sleep eight hours per day in order to stay fresh all day long and maintain their good health.

Martin Sanders mentions that even though it can be a bit hard for people to maintain a healthy diet plan on a daily basis, they should try to do so in order to stay fit. Sweets and junk food items must be avoided by people as much as they can, and green leafy vegetables should surely be added to their diet. A single portion of the meal of a person must typically include:

  • Carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, and bread
  • Proteins from various non-dairy sources, like beans, meat, soya and fish
  • A bit of dairy product like milk and cheese
  • At least five portions of fruits and vegetables

To keep healthy people must try to make sure that there is the right quantity of each food group in their meals. Further insight on what types of food to include in their meals can be found out through a nutritionist or dietitian. Eating well and exercising are the two crucial elements of staying fit.

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