Rubber Sports Flooring

Rubber Sports Flooring


 If you are in to any of the competitive sports or have been a part of any such sport during your high school and college time then you must be well aware of the sports flooring. Sports flooring is a special type of flooring used for the prevention of injuries and safe movement in different sports.  There are different types of sports flooring used for different kinds of sports. Sometimes the same sports have different variation and as such the different kinds of flooring is used in the same sport. For example, we can have a look at the game of basketball. Basketball can be played both indoors and outdoors. The indoor basketball has a roof to cover it and hence uses the wooden sports flooring. The basketball which is played outdoor is more prone to climate changes and wear and tear caused by the change in weather and thus uses a concrete sports flooring. So each sport has a different kind of sports flooring pertaining to its uses and advantages the sports flooring offers. Some examples of sports flooring used in sports are rubber flooring, wooden flooring, PVC flooring, and turf flooring. Wooden flooring is mostly used in sports that can be played indoors. This is because the wooden sports flooring is very much prone to the damages and therefore needs regular care and maintenance. Rubber sports flooring, on the other hand, has a prolonged life and is created with durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear caused by most athletes. In fact, rubber sports flooring is considered to be the standard type of flooring for weightlifting all over the world. This is because rubber has a very good shock absorption characteristic and can handle heavy weights well.

The rubber sports flooring does not crack or get scratches when weight is being thrown at it like its wooden counterpart. Hence most people prefer to use rubber sports flooring in their gym. As the gym is a place where athletes are sure to pick and drop monster weights on the floor rubber is the best option available for the gym owners to be used as flooring. Rubber sports flooring at also comes in a variety of thickness and density. These categories are used for different purposes. For example, in a room full of heavy weights a rubber flooring that has a high density, as well as a high absorption rate, would be used so that when the athletes drop the weight on the floor the weights do not bounce back and cause unnecessary injuries to the athletes. For the Olympic level weights, it must be ensured that rubber sports flooring used is firm enough to hold the weights of the athlete as well as the bars and plates. Apart from weight lifting and gymming rubber sports flooring is also used in running. Both the game of track running as well as the game of field running make use of the rubber sports flooring. The rubber flooring from used for running games has to be resilient enough to withstand the high movement and heavy foot activity.

It is a given condition and therefore the rubber used in these sports are very dense. They have been purposely manufactured this way so that the spikes on the runners’ shoes do not penetrate the rubber tracks and cause injuries and wear and tear to the track. This way both the safety of the players and the durability of the running track are ensured. Not only dense the rubber sports flooring used in running tracks is also made flexible so that they can be easily stretched around to cover the corners of the track. Rubber is also used ice rink arenas. Well before you start bewildering, not particularly in the ice rinks or arenas of the game but they are used in the common areas. The players that need rest or are shown an exit card from the game due to foul play need to rest in the common area. The arenas are slippery due to ice and if the common area is friction free then the players are very much susceptible to injuries. So to provide traction to the players’ shoes and keep the area safe for the players rubber flooring is used for the common area of these games.

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