Uses and Types of Printed Lanyard Materials

Uses and Types of Printed Lanyard Materials


Lanyard word originates from an old French term ‘Laniere’. ‘Yard’ got added in the 17th century. Layard was referred to a rope that was threaded or tied to a boat’s wooden disk to control its mast. Today, it is a strap or cord worn around the wrist, shoulder, and neck. It holds objects like a whistle, badges, ID cards, etc.

The lanyard keeps essentials secure and attached to you without any need to hold the. It has different attachments at its end including a hook, a ring, or a clip attachment.

Top uses of lanyards

  • ID lanyard – A powerful and attractive rope that is useful to make business, school, personal and employee ID easily visible.
  • Promotional lanyards – Events and conferences make use of lanyards to promote their brand including their name tag.
  • Key lanyards – Lanyards with a jhook attachment is great for hanging keys around the neck, especially those who have no pockets like church administrators.
  • Fashion lanyards – Beaded and jeweled lanyards are the trend, which can be seen at homework and schools.
  • Dual-use lanyards – Lanyards can be utilized to carry sunglasses.
  • Mobiles – Smartphones can be attached to a lanyard for protecting against misplacing it.
  • Sports lanyard – Ensures your whistle does not get lost.
  • Outdoor activities lanyards – Attach maps, water bottles, penknife or other tools, while walking, running or hiking.

Besides allowing people to carry their belongings around their neck with ease, customizable lanyards are used for promotional and marketing purposes. As lanyards are customizable, it can be used to reveal your corporate image, colors, and values.

How to choose a lanyard material?

Many buyers look for marginal savings and buy in bulk but hardly consider the material type. E.g., school lanyards get outsourced, which gets distributed amongst the school faculty and students. There is no consideration for marketability. The faculty and students have no other option but to buy from the school’s bookstore.

On the other hand, printed lanyards used as tokens during events and seminars must make an impression. Good lanyard is equivalent to a good first impression of a professional company.

There are different kinds of materials, styles, and designs used to prepare lanyards. Each one has its own functions.

Polyester imprinted lanyards – These are cheap, durable and flexible items commonly used. It gives wearer comfort as it has good air breathability. People who work out a lot find it suitable.

Nylon imprinted lanyards – These are shiny and thick. Nylon is best for hanging heavy things like cameras. In some business establishments, nylon lanyards are used to hold ID cards, security cards or ID badges.

Dye-sublimated lanyards – This is a great option for printing complicated logos. Dyes get infused in the lanyard, which makes it handle the heat, rain, and UV rays. It is a peel, cracks, and fade-proof option.

Woven lanyard – You can have your texts, logos, slogans, and designs woven directly over the polyester material.

Tubular imprinted lanyards – These comfortable lanyards designed from polyester have a shoelace shape. Sports fans prefer tubular lanyards and are great promo options for businesses on a tight budget.

Bamboo lanyards – You can opt for eco-friendly material, which is soft and can be printed easily.

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