Which One to Go With-Titanium Wedding Bands for Men or Tungsten Wedding Rings for Men?

black tungsten wedding rings for men


With wedding seasons approaching, confusion among men has grown about whether to go with titanium wedding bands or tungsten wedding rings/bands. Anyway, the fact is that both are equally popular in the present scenario. It would indeed be unfair to outclass one in comparison to the other.

Yes, there are certain characteristics in terms of which the titanium rings can be distinguished from the tungsten rings. And, on that basis, one may decide whether to buy titanium wedding bands or tungsten wedding rings.

To make things simpler in this context, given below is a comparative analysis between titanium and tungsten.


The first thing that comes into mind when it comes to select between titanium and tungsten is price. Well, there is nothing secret about it. There are many stores one can find over the web, as well as offline, selling titanium wedding bands for men. No scarcity of stores is there as well for tungsten wedding rings. It should be apparent after comparing that both titanium and tungsten wedding rings are much cost-effective in comparison to expensive metals.

The best part is that the cost of both titanium and tungsten is pretty equivalent. Hence, price should not be the aspect to distinguish between the two. The prices may vary for specific style and color, though. For example, the black tungsten wedding rings for men are hugely demanded in modern times. Otherwise, the price in case of the both is pretty equivalent.

Purity and compounding:

Titanium is mildly compounded with other elements for jewelry making purposes. In general, it is alloyed with aluminium. Vanadium is also quite used in modern times. When it comes to the best class of titanium wedding bands for men, the percentage of titanium is a little below 90%.

Coming to tungsten carbide, it has to be compounded with carbon for giving shape or making jewelry. This is essential due to the tough characteristic of tungsten. Fifty percent of carbon is compounded, with fifty percent of tungsten for jewelry making. A nickel binder is used for the superior quality tungsten-carbide rings. However, tungsten carbide rings using cobalt binder should be strictly avoided.


Those who select between titanium and tungsten in terms of endurance or toughness can indeed find tungsten a better option. It is tough with the highest melting point. In the Mohs scale, the score of tungsten is 9, whereas the score of titanium is 6. So clearly, tungsten is a winner.

Scratch-resistive characteristics:

There is no competition to tungsten in terms of scratch-resistive characteristics. It is scratch-resistive, even after being compounded with carbon. Similarly, tungsten jewelry is obvious to be crack preventive because it is tough. Being the toughest material with the highest melting point, there is no competition to tungsten rings or bands on this matter.

Which is heavier?

Tungsten wedding rings are obvious to be heavier in comparison to titanium. As explained above, tungsten is also quite scratch resistive, at the same time, being crack-resistive. But, when it comes to jewelry, many people would prefer a lighter one. The best part about titanium is that it is considerably enduring, as well. Hence, titanium wedding bands for men can be a nice option for those looking for a light-weight and user-friendly option.

Popularity in terms of color:

Originally, both tungsten and titanium are greys in color. However, there is a huge demand for black tungsten rings, which is generated after thorough finishing and nickel binding.

Allergy issues:

Tungsten with cobalt binding should be avoided as it can be allergic. There is no chance of any allergy or such issues with tungsten carbide rings with nickel binding. Cobalt binding reacts with the skin oil as well, to create a stain on the ring. There is no issue on this matter for titanium wedding bands for men.

Ease of handling:

Tungsten rings are not recommended to be worn by people who work in high-temperature zones or those who deal with electrical works. This is suggested due to slight heat and electric conductivity. Otherwise, it is superbly enduring, glossy, and scratch-resistive.


It is here to note that neither titanium nor tungsten rings can be remodelled, or even resized. Specifically, tungsten rings are impossible to be resized due to their toughness. Pretty similar is the case about titanium, as well.

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