Wide Body Design and other Essentials When Purchasing an Inverter AC

Inverter AC


So you are planning to go in for an inverter AC and are going through various makes and models in the hopes that you are going to find the right one. While it is important to look at the make and model, you also need to lay specific emphasis on certain factors that ensure you are going in for an AC unit that not only comes with a reputation but is also easy on the budget and offers good and lasting service. Here is what you need to be aware of before you decide to purchase the inverter AC you are looking for.

Go in for an appropriate size

The inverter AC is a technology that comes in the window as well as split ACs. The difference lies in a special mechanism. The inverter AC possesses an outdoor and indoor unit. Like any split AC, the size of the room determines the tonnage of the inverter AC. Installing an AC that comes with the ideal size cools the room down more efficiently. Other than this, it also keeps it easy on the budget.

To get the right size, you need to first measure the size of the room. If your room is up to 150 sq ft, it requires a 1-ton AC. A slightly bigger room of say 250 sq ft will need a 1.5-ton AC. A larger room of about 400 sq ft will need a 2-ton AC.

It should possess a wide-body design 

Another aspect that helps you out and ensures you go in for the right inverter AC online involves picking one that comes with a wide-body design. This ensures you can have a cooler ambiance. It is prudent to remember that with a wide-body design, you instantly get a better heat exchange. In this way, the room temperature moves to a cooler temperature desirably and productively. Not only this, with a wide-body design, your AC unit also ensures you obtain faster and more systematic cooling. In this way, you do not have to wait too long for you to feel the coolness of the air conditioning.

A lot also depends on usage 

You need to first take a step back and understand what you are looking for when you are going to purchase an inverter AC. If you are using the AC for say 8 to 10 hours a day during the summer season, you should consider going in for a 3-starAC. This offers you the cooling you need and it is enough to keep your bills under control as well. On the other hand, if you going to be using an AC for several hours a day and that too for most months of the year, you should go in for a 5-star rated AC.

Know whether it can improve air quality 

You also need to pay attention to good indoor air quality. Make certain you look for an AC with features that are going to enhance the air in your room. Nowadays, ACs are equipped with additional filters that work to effectively do away with pollutants that move around in the air. This includes pollen, dust as well as bacteria. There are others that come with a dehumidifier. This works to look after the humidity in the room. This proves to be effective for people with allergies or even if you happen to live in coastal areas.

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So make certain whether you are going in for a 1.5-ton inverter AC or even a 2-ton one, make certain you pay attention to all of the factors, especially the ones mentioned above before you go ahead and purchase your air conditioner online.

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