3 Important Steps for Starting a Trucking Company

3 Important Steps for Starting a Trucking Company


America thrives on small businesses. Each year, entrepreneurs start around 627,000 new businesses, bringing jobs, innovation and economic growth to his or her community. Among the most popular industries today is commercial trucking. While some individuals are attracted to the thrill of the open road, it’s the industry’s amazing growth that is most exciting. Revenues for the trucking trade increased by almost $100 billion from 2017 to 2018. Numbers like that have more would-be business owners considering adding to the nation’s 1.2 million trucking companies. Business seems to be booming, but there are many steps to creating a successful trucking business. Here are a few of the most important.

Follow the Law

There are numerous legal requirements for starting a trucking company. Each driver must possess a valid commercial license and all trucks must pass mandated inspections and emissions tests. Additionally, the business owner must file for a motor carrier number and several other federal permits.

Prioritize Driver Safety

While licensing ensures that drivers are trained to operate a vehicle, it’s important that they also be prepared for driving in all weather conditions and traffic levels. Well-defined standards should be implemented requiring drivers to follow speed limits, eliminate distractions and refrain from driving when fatigued. Many companies have installed dash cams to ensure that standards and practices are upheld, but it’s also important to provide drivers with safety equipment in case of flat tires or mechanical problems. Purchase emergency supplies such as tool kits, jumper cables, flares and traffic cones Fort Collins CO or in your area for all trucks in the fleet.

Buy the Right Vehicles

Before purchasing or leasing your trucks, have a firm idea of what you plan to transport. Tanker trucks are great for hauling oil or gas, but simply won’t do if you intend on delivering construction materials. Food delivery may require specialized refrigerated trucks, while hazardous or oversized loads necessitate freight haulers.

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This is a great time to get into the trucking business. Following these tips will help put you on the road to success.

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