3 reasons to pay your bills online

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Of the many reasons to take the e-route to bill payment, we list the 3 most important ones in this article.

Have you ever used the digital medium to pay your bills? We expect you to reply with ‘Yes’ and we are frankly perplexed if you say ‘No’.

Paying bills online is one of the easiest and most elementary things you can do today. The Internet pervades every area of your life, and since you have access to the worldwide web, why not use it for bill payment and simplify your finances? Consider these reasons to try online bill payment:

1. For utmost convenience and security.The primary reason why we recommend paying bills online is that it is the most convenient way to do so. You need to just flick open the payment or recharge app on your smartphone, and pay the bill with just a few flicks of the screen. Most good recharge apps like the myAirtel app also remind you to pay bills on time, with SMS alerts before the bill payment date. Besides this, you can use the online medium to split bills, make money transfers, bank and shop, etc. The biggest takeaway from using the right payment apps like the myAirtel app and UPI apps is that they are fully secure – so you are saved from hacking and phishing attempts by online fraudsters. UPI apps use two-factor authentication and you do not need to give your account details when transacting – just use the UPI PIN to complete paying bills in real time.

2. You get access to multiple payment options and create a paperless bill trail. Online bill payment options are many and diverse, so you can take your pick between using your card details, or net banking, or the app’s in-built payments system (such as the Airtel Payments Bank with the myAirtel app), third party payment platforms like the BHIM app, etc. You can pick the payment platform that is most convenient to you and pay bills online in real time, getting an immediate acknowledgement for the same. Another big advantage of paying bills online is that you do not consume any paper for the same – no need to print out bills or pay in cash. Thus, the online medium offers a green way to pay bills and do your bit to protect the ecology.

3. You can monitor your bills and expenses more easily. The online medium adds another dimension to paying bills – the bills are all collated in one platform and are easy to refer to. You don’t need to maintain paper records of the same, and every bill that you paid can be summoned quite easily from the archives. Also, you can monitor you monthly bills much more easily online, and compare past bills to see when you paid more and why.

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