5 Airtel plans you should know about during balance emergency

5 Airtel plans


If you are using a prepaid mobile connection, you must have faced an awkward situation in your life where the balance had exhausted at the most undesirable moment. You might be in the middle of some important activity where you need to be on your phone. Rather, you must be in the middle of something important when these terrible things happen. These things turn out to be very stressful and you might need to rush to the nearby store to get a recharge or call a friend to do the same for you. But luckily for you, the times have changed and those things are something of the past.

Now, you can do Airtel prepaid recharge from any part of the world, provided that you have a good Internet connection available to you and some balance in your account. There are lots of apps and online platforms where you can recharge your mobile. One of the best places for the Airtel recharge plans is the Airtel Thanks app. Airtel offers a lot of different prepaid plans shaped according to the requirement of the user. Let us take a glance at some of the cool plans that you should use when you do not have sufficient balance in the account.

5 best Airtel plans you should know about during balance emergency:

#5. Rs. 35 Combo Top-up –This is one of the most useful offers if you do not make a lot of calls per day (or in the case where you have not subscribed to an unlimited calling pack). The main account will get recharged with a talktime of Rs. 26.66. Along with that, you will get 100 MB of 3G data on your number. This plan is quite beneficial because this plan will be valid for 28 days. In addition to that, there are various offers available on the digital wallets where you are recharging your account.

#4. Rs. 10 Top-up – Though there are a few top-ups that offer full talktime, this is not among them. However, this is one of the most popular options for those who use an unlimited calling pack. Balance in the main account might be required for an SMS (if it is not covered under the prepaid pack). In such a case, this top-up plan comes in handy. But, the best thing about this plan is that there is no validity for the talktime that is credited to your account. If you recharge with this plan, the talktime would not lapse after a few days.

#3. Rs. 100 Full Talktime Top-up – Another helpful plan that you can use for Airtel prepaid rechargeis the Rs. 100 full talktime top-up. Just like the Rs. 10 top-ups, you would not need to worry about any limited validity for the plan. Also, you get full talktime of Rs. 100 for this Airtel plan. It is one of the most beneficial plans available if you want to use Rs. 100. It is very helpful in those cases where you want to recharge your main account balance for a sufficiently long period of time.

#2. Rs. 245 Combo Top-up – Another Airtel prepaid plan that you could try when you have low balance is the Rs. 245 prepaid plan. You will get 2 GB of 3G data in this particular plan. Also, you would get full talktime of Rs. 245 with this particular top-up plan. This plan is valid for 84 days – almost 3 months. If you do not use a plan that offers unlimited talktime, this is the plan that you should go for. If you recharge your prepaid plan through a digital wallet, you might avail some good discounts and cashback from the same.

#1. Rs. 1000 Full Talktime Top-up – One of the best Airtel mobile plans that you can have for yourself is the Rs. 1000 full talktime plan. This plan allows the user to get full talktime and there is no limited validity applied on the talktime. This plan can be used by the customer to recharge the main balance for a sufficiently long period. You can recharge through the Airtel Thanks app to take advantage of the best Airtel recharge plans.

If you want to have the best Airtel prepaid plans for yourself when you are out of balance, you should try these out.

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