5 Types of Warehouse Storage

5 Types of Warehouse Storage


To organize a warehouse, workers must install and rely on specific structures to stock inventory. This is, and has been, the norm in the logistics and indeed shipping industries estimated in the US to be about $4.963 Billion in 2019, and contributing millions of shipping jobs to America’s logistics and transportation. Go here https://www.shiply.com/us/shipping-jobs to know more. Many industries manage storage facilities that save and protect supplies in their inventory for future use or disposal. Warehouses rely on a storage system that businesses can customize for efficiency and different shelves are available to create a specific layout that is flexible and reliable. There are five types of storage system design warehouses use.

Pallet Shelves

Grocery stores and other businesses with complex warehouses rely on pallet racking systems, consisting of multiple shelves that reach ceiling level. They are made of metal, wood or plastic and can store large boxes workers cannot move on their own. Automated processes are used to move and place heavy objects into pallet shelves, which are organized into lanes and are positioned toward the wall.

Multi-Tier Racking

Like a pallet rack, tiers rely on vertical space. Workers install tiers that store lightweight objects and are easily removable. Although storing multiple items into each tier takes up a lot of time, they save space and allow greater room for more objects, which is ideal for companies with large inventories.

Mobile Racking

A compact storage system carrying a heavy load capacity is ideal for objects workers typically don’t access. Mobile racking shelves feature handles that keep each shelf connected. This system eliminates the need for aisles and keeps objects in one space, making it easier for workers to memorize which objects mobile racks store. They are positioned toward the wall and are typically used to store frozen foods.

Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanines provide an additional floor for storage and include a staircase for access. A mezzanine system is efficient because it increases the available space for workers to pack and store boxes. They also allow for custom use. With one floor used for storage and the other for an office, this system can maximize productivity.

Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are another option that offers increased security. They are made of gauge steel and protect objects that are not intended for personal use. Partition design is customizable, as they can be made into any shape. A good way to make them efficient is to station workers to protect the area, which could be an office space or storage space for unique merchandise.

Warehouse storage systems should take into account how objects can be strategically placed. Workers will need to access most of the inventory and must work under safe, secure conditions. It is important to consider what systems make warehouses more functional, which varies and depends on the industry’s specific needs.

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