A Guide to Lifeline phone services

Lifeline phone services


Cell phones have become a necessity for almost everyone across the globe. The ability to keep in touch with family members, business associates, and access email is why there is an increasing importance of cellphones. However, some people are disadvantaged in society and cannot own or afford a cellphone service.

If you cannot afford to own a cell phone, you need to consider free phone services provided through the Federal Lifeline Program. Here is a guide about the lifeline phone service Oklahoma-located to help you know if you are eligible for the program.

How can you qualify?

The first thing to help you know if you qualify for this free phone program is to check the U.S.Federal Poverty guidelines. You need to know how the guidelines stipulate and how it applies for those who need assistance. This lifeline program is a government assistance program, and your household gross income will determine and establish your eligibility. A household, in this case, is considered to be anyone who lives in the same dwelling place, and they do not necessarily be related.

Who is eligible?

You can be eligible for the lifeline phone program if you are enrolled in a government relief program, this will qualify you automatically. Supposing you are not enrolled in any government help program, you need to prove that the income you earn is at or below 135% as per the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

How can you apply for a lifeline phone?

At any given household, only one person is allowed a subsidy for a lifeline. Supposing you qualify, first research the available companies that offer these free phones. When you find a company you would like to sign up with, log into their website, and register. Ensure that you check in their services are available in your state. If they are available, submit all the relevant required documents that qualify you and wait for their approval.

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