Amazon’s Strict Policies About CBD and Where Can You Buy It Instead

Amazon’s Strict Policies About CBD and Where Can You Buy It Instead


Ever since the pandemic began, everybody in their right mind stayed inside and chose to order their basic needs online. That’s why e-commerce stores are booming right now. The internet saved people from going outside and adding to the crowded people in malls. And you know what online store is currently being used by millions of people every day? You guessed that right, Amazon. It’s not only popular in the US, but in other countries as well. This is where people go if ever they can’t find what they want at the mall.

But like everything else, you can’t always find everything at Amazon. One of these things is CBD products. And even if it’s so in demand, Amazon is strict about their rules and won’t post this on their listings. Let’s find out why and where you can buy these products instead.

CBD Products and Its Legality

CBD products are known to be legal in many states in the United States. But you should also know that some states still see these products as illegal in any form. That’s why Amazon is not even thinking about selling CBD any time soon. Aside from that, it comes from a cannabis plant called Hemp. And even though Hemp is not psychoactive and is different from a genus cannabis plant where TCH came from, it’s still considered a controlled substance. So Amazon just wants to make sure that they’re not breaking any law, especially federal law at that.

The Many Benefits of CBD

CBD products are known to be used for thousands of years already due to its medicinal properties. These are widely used for being a treatment for chronic pain. Now, experts found out that it’s also useful for many health problems. It has been proven that it can help people suffering from neurological problems like Parkison’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. The most common is a cure for seizures. If you’re suffering from depression and anxiety, you can also benefit from CBD because of its calming effect.

Sadly, the FDA hasn’t properly regulated CBD yet, so it’s easy for fraudsters to create a product, slap some label on it, and call it CBD oil. Only one CBD product has been regulated as of today, and it is used to treat seizures. The rest is still floating in the market. And it’s up to you to find reputable companies that offer legitimate CBD products.

Finding A Trusted and Reliable Source for CBD

Looking for a company that sells legitimate and real CBD can be difficult, especially for those who haven’t tried buying it themselves. It’s all about reading the reviews, asking for some expert advice, and looking for proof. Many companies claim to sell real CBD, but in reality, they are not. Lucky for us, Joy Organics is one such company that makes sure you get what you paid for. Made from quality hemp, their CBD products are of high quality and well-known for being potent. They also have third-party lab testers to make sure that there are little to zero traces of THC.

You won’t find Joy Organics on Amazon, but you’ll find their own e-commerce website that you can access anytime!


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