Benefits of using CFDs for trading in Australia

trading in Australia


CFDs, or Contracts For Difference, are becoming an increasingly popular trading method in Australia. CFDs are derivative instruments which allow traders to speculate on the price movements of various assets without owning the asset itself.

Through a CFD contract, traders can access markets with greater liquidity and flexibility than other trading methods allow. It provides many advantages to those looking to trade in Australia, such as making profits, whether prices rise or fall, lower commission fees, and higher leverage levels. This article will discuss the benefits of using CFDs for trading in Australia.

Access to global markets

CFD trading provides access to a wide variety of global markets. Therefore, those who trade in Australia can take advantage of opportunities worldwide, potentially leading to greater profits. CFDs allow traders to access markets without dealing with exchange restrictions, foreign regulations, and taxes. You can check the Saxo Markets for global CFD opportunities. Through CFDs, traders can also gain exposure to various assets like stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices. As a result, traders have more options for diversifying their portfolios and reducing risk.

In addition, CFDs provide an easy way for Australian traders to invest in international markets without complicated paperwork or long-term commitments, which makes it easier for traders in Australia to diversify their portfolios and benefit from global market trends.


CFDs allow traders to access higher leverage than other trading methods. It allows traders in Australia to take more significant risks with their investments, potentially leading to increased profits. CFD leverage can be used to increase both buying and selling power without a substantial capital outlay. For example, if a trader has $100 of capital and leverages that by ten times, they can trade as though they had $1,000 of capital. The difference between the actual money invested and the theoretical trading value is known as the margin and is usually around 5-10%. By leveraging their position, Australian traders can make more money if the market moves in their favour and lose less if it does not.

CFDs also allow traders to use stop and limit orders, which can help manage risk. Stop orders can close a position when the price drops to a certain level, while limit orders are used to open a position when the market reaches a specific price. This way, traders in Australia can take more calculated risks and improve their chances of making successful trades.

Low commissions

One of the main advantages of CFD trading for Australian investors is the low commission fees associated with these products. CFDs have much lower commission fees due to their online nature than other forms of trading, such as stocks and futures. As no middlemen are involved, commissions are significantly lower and can be as low as 0.1%. Therefore, traders in Australia have access to more significant amounts of capital and can make more profitable trades.

In addition, most brokers only charge a commission on the profits made from CFD trading, so losses are not subject to additional costs. It makes it easier for Australian traders to take risks without worrying about high fees if their positions do not go as planned.

Short-term trading

CFDs are ideal for short-term traders in Australia who want to take advantage of market movements without worrying about long-term commitments. CFD contracts can be closed at any time, meaning that traders can benefit from quick profits without the need to hold a position until expiration. This flexibility makes it easier for Australian investors to take advantage of both rising and falling markets, as they can close their positions when it is most beneficial.

In addition, CFDs provide more accuracy than other forms of trading. As prices are updated every second, traders in Australia can purchase or sell contracts with precision. It allows them to adjust their strategies quickly and make better decisions while taking fewer risks.

Risk management

CFD trading also provides Australian traders with the possibility of risk management. CFDs allow traders to use stop and limit orders, which can help manage losses and ensure that positions are closed when they reach a predetermined level. This way, traders in Australia can increase their chances of making successful trades while limiting potential losses.

In addition, CFDs provide various options for hedging, such as spreads and straddles. These strategies involve taking long and short positions on the same asset simultaneously, thus reducing risk. Hedging is especially advantageous for those looking to protect their investments against sudden market movements or volatility.


CFD trading is a more cost-effective option for Australian traders than other instruments. CFDs involve lower transaction costs due to the absence of intermediaries, and no long-term commitments are associated with these products. It makes it possible for traders in Australia to access markets without significant capital outlay and reduce their overall costs.

In addition, many brokers offer CFD trading platforms with low spreads and commission fees, further reducing the cost of trading. Therefore, Australian traders can take advantage of opportunities in various markets without worrying about high overhead costs.

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