Best Bhojpuri Songs by Sharda Sinha

Best Bhojpuri Songs by Sharda Sinha


Sharda Sinha, who was born on 1 October1952 is one of the most recognized Bhojpuri singers. She hails from Bihar and was born in Hulas, Raghopur, Supaul district of Bihar. Because of her contribution to the Bhojpuri music industry, she got Padma Bhushan award in 2018. Sharda started her singing career by singing folk songs in Maithili. In her entire music career Sharda has sung 62 Chhath songs from nine albums which were released by HMV, Tips, T-Series. Sharda has contributed immensely to save the traditions and old culture in the heart of youngsters.

Here are some of the great songs sung by Sharda Sinha:

  1. Pahil Pahil Chhathi Mayaya–This is a Chhath song sung by Sharda Sinha. The song video showcases a newly married couple who are unable to go to their village. In this song, you will see a married young and modern girl performing the tradition of Chhath and performing the ChhathVrat. The song is sung in the beautiful voice of Sharda Sinha. The music and the lyrics remind the listeners of their traditions. The lyrics of the song are written by Shanti Jain and Sharda. The song is released under the banner of Swar Sharda, Neo Bihar and Champaran Talkies. The song is produced by Nitin Neera Chandra, Neetu Chandra and Anshuman Sinha. It is one of the latest Bhojpuri Songs which is getting viral on the internet.
  2. Patna Ke Ghat Pe Chhat Pooja –This song is from Sharda’s Album ‘Arag’. The song is composed by Shailesh Thakkar, and the lyrics are penned by Vinay Bihari. The song was released by the music album ‘T-series’. The magical voice of Sharda makes it one of the most pleasant songs that one can listen to calm his brain.
  3. Kartik Maas Ijoriya – This is another song beautifully sung by Sharda Sinha from her album Arag. The song is composed by Shailesh Thakkar, and the lyrics are written by Jyotindra Mishra. The song showcases the Hindi month of Kartik on which the Chhath is celebrated. The video shows the people in complete devotion of the ChhathMayyaiya.
  4. Nadiya Ke Teere Teere – Nadiya Keteere teere is another beautiful song of Sharda Sinha which showcases the love and devotion for the Chhath Maiyya. The song was released in 2011, and it is from the album ‘Arag’. The lyrics are given by Hridaya Narayan Jha, and the song is sung and directed by Sharda Sinha. The song was released under the label ‘T-series’. The song has pleasant music which infuses the feeling of devotion in the listener.

It’s hard to pick a few songs when all the songs sung by Sharda Sinha are unique. She is a popular singer, and she has also given her voice to some Hindi film songs like in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Gangs of Wasseypur and Maine PyarKiya.

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