Can a Bag of Healthy Dog Food Change Your Dog’s Life



Is your dog up and happy one day, and lazy the next? Can you never seem to figure out what keeps your dog energetic and active? Does he suddenly lose interest in games and walks? Is he struggling with potty training because of his upset stomach?

These can all be symptoms of food allergies. Your pooch might have a sensitive stomach, and that bag of dry kibble you bought on sale might just be making it worse. Just like humans, dogs can also have irritable bowel syndrome, gluten sensitivity, allergies to particular ingredients, a predisposition to bloating, and nausea.

Not knowing what is healthy for your dog can take a toll on your dog’s energy level, training progress, general mood, and immunity towards infectious diseases.

Why is feeding your pooch fresh and natural homemade food not enough?

You may not be feeding your dog kibbles at all, but preparing his or her food at home every day. So, you are likely to think that your pup is eating natural and organic food that is homemade. There can be nothing bad about it!

Well, you could not be more wrong. Giving your dog a balanced diet is crucial. However, creating a balanced diet for dogs at home is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike cats, dogs are not obligate carnivores. They need necessary fibers, vitamins, and minerals from vegetables, grains, and fruits. However, they cannot eat all vegetables and fruits. For example, you should not feed your dog onions or grapes.

Why should you think about switching to dry dog food?

Striking the right balance of nutrients by adjusting the components of his daily diet sounds like rocket science. The easier way to ensure that your pooch receives proper nutrition is by giving him the best healthy dog food. While you can opt for a regular dog food that contains corn, oats, rice, and buckwheat, vets suggest a grain-free diet for dogs that have previously shown symptoms of food allergies.

How can specialized dog food help puppies grow into healthy dogs?

One brand of food that is healthy for a pup might not be the best choice for another since each growing puppy has unique needs. Some struggle for weeks with an upset stomach and bloating resulting from food sensitivity. In such cases, putting the pup on a limited ingredient diet can be helpful. Once you determine which ingredient is causing the allergies, you can think of shifting to a grain-free diet that excludes that component.

Can dog food help geriatric dogs?

Most senior dogs show higher energy levels when vets put them on a 100% grain-free dog food. These packaged food options contain high levels of proteins and good fat. It boosts their metabolism, helps in burning stored fat, and increases their energy level. Senior dogs require a high-quality diet for maintaining a robust immune system. Putting them on grain-free food engineered for older dogs can also restore mobility to their joints, address urinary tract infection issues, and hepatic problems that typically arise with age.

Healthy dog food is the one that takes complete care of your dog’s needs without compromising on the flavor.

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