Find Out What Not to Wear In 2020 At

Find Out What Not to Wear In 2020


2020 rings in a new year when it comes to fashion. Though there are several amazing styles out there for women, there again are some not so amazing trends that might not be wearable this year. When it comes to what not to wear this year, you should turn to experienced stylists and fashion bloggers online for help. They will guide you on what to wear and look super chic when you hit the roads.

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Victoria Barbara is a popular fashion blogger and Instagram influencer from New York in the USA. She is known for her famous high end and street style fashion popular among girls and women in the country. When it comes to what not to wear in 2020, she lists the following in :

  1. Gigantic super big statement bags- The supermini bag was quite popular last year for its simplicity and practicality; however, this year saw the advent of the gigantic huge bag, and to be honest, the bag is not practical for you to use daily. 2020 saw the arrival of enormous bags- the ones that you really do not need to carry. Big bags are cool; however, it should be of a decent size!
  2. Denim jumpsuits- Denim jumpsuits are not recommended for daily wear though they did dominate the major runways of the fashion world. Denim is a very heavy material, and when you wear them, they are very bulky. You need to be really very slim if you really wish to don the denim jumpsuit look, but for a warmer climate, they are not recommended at all. If you are a fan of jumpsuits, Victoria Barbara recommends you choose jumpsuits that are made from a finer fabric as they serve to comfort and utility at the same time. Denim jumpsuits are just not so flattering universally. So, if you really wish to stay away from discomfort, avoid them in 2020.
  3. Disco style collars- This year sees the arrival of the 1970s like disco collars. Though these statement collars did make an impact on the fashion runways of Milan, Paris and New York, they are not going to be around for long. So, if you wish to invest in some pieces with a statement like 1970 collars, make sure to limit them to just a few.
  4. Croquet tops and dresses- Though all things hand-made do have an appeal, croquet dresses that have made a big statement this year are just impractical for you to wear. Any knit fabric that is loose tends to get caught on everything, and this again leads to snapping of the dress. Though it is in style this year, it is prudent to be smart and avoid wearing anything in croquet.

You can get more insights into the 2020 fashion trends at When it comes to style and fashion, popular bloggers like Victoria Barbara ensure you get simple tips and tricks to save money and invest in the right clothes so that you can be super chic and stylish for the whole year!

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