Roger Wolfson Gives Reasons Why to Volunteer as an Animal Rescuer

Gives Reasons Why to Volunteer as an Animal Rescuer


Every year there are millions of animals abandoned on the streets. They might be old, injured, and in dire need of medical attention. Again, thousands of puppies and kittens are born regularly, and this gives rise to overpopulation in the community. Some animals may be found on the road but not safe for humans. They should be killed and safely transported to a shelter. They are cared for there and can help keep the community safe. People who volunteer at these animal shelters and rescue work very hard. They have the sole objective of giving animals a good life. They work in peace, and their hard work often goes unnoticed. However, despite the work and the unappreciated, these volunteers become exposed to unconditional love by the voiceless, making this endeavor to rescue and save animals highly rewarding.

Roger Wolfson is a celebrated TV writer, attorney, scriptwriter, speechwriter, and activist of animal rights in Los Angeles. He is well-known in both the entertainment and political circuits. In 2014, he was appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti to become the Commissioner of Animal Services for LA, and since then, he has moved many campaigns aggressive towards a No-Kill policy of animals. This is a volunteer post. He consistently encourages more and more people to join animal rescue groups and shelters.

Feel valued and good

He says that you instantly feel good when you volunteer for a voiceless animal. When you start caring and rescuing animals, you will get a strong resonance; you are doing the right thing. It is here that you are making a very strong contribution to society. You are arresting a problem and helping poor animals to find a home.

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When you work with abandoned and stray animals with little or no human interaction, you instantly develop a bond with them. You, in a way, help them find adopted and loving homes forever. Most of them do not trust people. They might have been beaten up or abused badly. Gradually, when you give them love and attention, they come out of their fearful shells. They become playful again and fit to be put up for adoption. Many families come to these animal shelters to find a pet for their homes. Little kids love puppies and kittens. They are often rescued and cared for till they find their forever loving homes.

Awareness and knowledge

Most animal shelters are open-door ones, and animals are taken in freely. They give education, awareness, and knowledge to people and children about pets. They become informed, and this largely helps them to take care of pets better.

As pointed by Roger Wolfson it only takes some of your precious time to help these poor animals find a home. They receive the love they deserve and find the opportunity to trust humans. Most rescued animals are sick, and they need the loving hands of a kind human to heal them. All it takes is a little bit of your time!

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