Anouk Govil– Jog Regularly to Remain Fit and Healthy

Jog Regularly to Remain Fit and Healthy


Jogging is a common form of outdoor running which track and field athletes do at a leisurely pace. Their objective is to gradually improve their endurance without putting too much stress on their bodies. This enables them to cover a long distance within a reasonable time limit at a steady speed. In the process, they gradually increase their heart rate, unlike sprinting over a shorter distance. Many of them prefer to jog for a couple of minutes as a warm-up before undergoing an intense interval workout. Other athletes like to jog for the same interval of time to cool off after a strenuous exercise regime.

Anouk Govil – What should people jog outdoors regularly?

Anouk Govil is a research assistant from New York with interest in economics and finance. She is a biomedical and environmental engineering graduate from the University of Connecticut. However, she soon found both these streams did not interest her as much as economics. She has two years of valuable experience working as Sales Associate/Associate Trainee with Environmental Captain at Panera Bread. Currently, she is a Research Assistant in Economic and International Finance at the University of Connecticut in Stamford. She even has a passion for workout outdoors to remain fit and healthy.

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She says jogging is an excellent outdoor exercise for people who want to be physically fit, healthy, and active. It is less strenuous on their bodies, and they can maintain a steady tempo for reasonably long periods. Many of them might not get the time to participate in regular sporting activities because of fast-paced lifestyles. For this cardiovascular workout, they need to chalk out 30 minutes of their daily schedule. In doing so; they do not have to spend a huge sum of money on gear. They need to buy a good t-shirt, shorts and a pair of sneakers from a reliable sports shop.

She states people who take the initiative to go for an outdoor jog regularly get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Jogging outdoors helps people to strengthen their bones so that they overcome health issues like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis,
  2. Jogging develops the muscles in the lower region of their bodies like the hamstrings, glutes, and calf,
  3. Jogging outdoor regularly enables people to maintain healthy body weight as they burn plenty of calories,
  4. As a cardiovascular exercise, jogging improves blood flow to people’s brains which enables them to concentrate better,
  5. Jogging helps people alleviate stress as they can take the minds of their troubles for a couple of minutes, and
  6. Jogging boosts the flow of endorphins throughout their bodies, which makes them feel happy.

Anouk Govil sums up by saying outdoor jogging is an ideal cardiovascular activity for people who want to be physically fit and healthy. This form of running is less strenuous on their bodies, and they can maintain a steady pace over a long period. Jogging regularly enables people to strengthen their bones, develop muscles, and burn enough calories to maintain healthy body weight. Moreover, jogging boosts the flow of blood and endorphins throughout the body, especially the brain. This helps to concentrate better and alleviate stress in life.

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