Safety Eyewear Protects from Blindness

Safety Eyewear Protects from Blindness


These days, almost everyone needs safety eyeglasses. The communication devices we all use daily emit a blue light that can be damaging for our vision. It is known to cause headaches and eye fatigue. The computers, laptops, tablets, and cellphones are a source of eye strain and can weaken our vision.

Safety Eyewear Protects from Blindness

 It is advisable to wear safety glasses if your work on computers for more than a few hours. When we constantly keep looking at a screen the eyes can get affected by the blue light that is emitted by the screen. These days, everyone looks into the small screen of their tablets and smart phone for at least a few hours. The youngsters have a bad habit of watching TV shows and music videos on their cell phones.  For them, the use of safety glasses is good for eye health. Eye strain can lead to headaches and to prevent the same the right type of eyewear is required. If you wear prescription eyeglasses use the fitovers that come with protective lenses.

These days, work-related eye injuries are on the rise and almost 90% of these can be prevented through the use of protective eyewear. OSHA has all its regulations in place, and it is the responsibility of the employers to provide safety glasses and impose the required policy of mandatory use while on duty. Industrial dust and chemicals can damage vision. More than millions of workers’ vision is at risk and with the proper implementation of policy and procedure, the risk can be easily mutated.

At the workplace, small particles of metal, corrosive liquids, wood, and dust may damage the eyes. Eye injuries can lead to corneal erosion, scratched lens, and even blindness. These injuries can be both temporary and permanent. Some employers require employees to buy their safety glasses. Safety glasses add to the operational expense, but it can save workers from work-related injuries.

Manufacturing standards are set by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The glasses used in the hazmat environment may be different than those used for protection against coal dust. When selecting the eyewear do make sure it is the ideal one for the job. It is advisable to check with the set standards of ANSI before making a choice. The right fit is also essential for eye protection. If the glasses do not fit well, they will not protect the eyes. Good performing glasses are always a good fit. Comfort also matters a lot since employees work long hours and with uncomfortable glasses, they may not work efficiently.

The better safety glasses are those that can be cleaned easily. In some work environments, the glasses may also need to be disinfected. The design has to be big enough for those who already wear corrective eyewear so they can easily slip it on their eyeglasses. Fitovers that are durable, functional and comfortable make a good choice.

The manufacturers of safety eyewear offer adjustment features for a customized fit. There are also size variations to fit all face shapes and sizes. Some style is also added to the glasses, so the wearers feel more motivated. The ugly looking-glasses can be discouraging and can demotivate employees.

When you want to buy safety, eyewearlooks for flexible nose pads and adjustable fingers, so it fits well on any nose type. The temples on some designs are also adjustable to keep the ears comfortable.  Once you have the right frame look at the various filters on offer and select the one that is most suited to the job. If you are a welder and work with molten metal or cut metal get the filter shades that protect you against infrared radiation and ultra-violet rays.

A variety of protective lenses are offered online.  You can find amber lenses, clear lenses, grey/brown lenses, blue lenses, and mirror lenses. The amber lenses cut the blue light to enhance contrast while the clear lenses are used more for impact protection and are most commonly used.

Safety eyewear used outdoors have the gray and brown lenses that protect from glare to prevent eye strain. Those who work in environments where ultra-violet radiation is a threat can keep their eyeswell protected with these glasses. Where heat along with glare is the concern the mirrored lenses help a lot.

All employers have to follow industry standards and abide by federal regulations. If your employees do not have the functional safety eyewear, look online and find the right one at a low cost. The new designs by leading manufacturers are more desirable due to the styling and use of fine quality materials. These glasses are not only more comfortable to wear but are also more functional. The cost may be slightly higher, but you will not need to buy another pair for a long period. Some online stores have discounted rates and buyers can get free shipping as well.

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