Surprising Uses for Nanobubbles

Surprising Uses for Nanobubbles


Small but mighty, nanobubbles may sound futuristic but are a reality today.  From increasing efficiency to reducing water waste, nanobubble systems have been implemented in diverse industries all over the world. In fact, environmental process engineering is only beginning to discover the benefits of nanobubbles. Here are some surprising applications for nanobubbles that are seeing impressive results.

Improve Crop Yieldsa

American consumers are increasingly looking at the environmental impact of their meals.  Hydroponic and aquaponic farms can reduce pesticide and water use as well as prevent topsoil erosion. Adding a nanobubble generator to the water supply of a hydroponic system can increase crop yield by 15%.  This is because of the increased dissolved oxygen in the water promoting a healthy root system.  Growers using a nanobubble system saw an 80% decrease in Pythium which also contributed to their increased crop yield.

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Increase Metal Recovery

Industrial mining requires complicated chemical processes to extract precious metals from ore.  Oxygen is a critical element in these reactions.  Nanobubble technology can help reliably and safely increase oxygen into industrial mining leaching operations.  The neutral buoyancy of nanobubbles increases extraction efficiency since the bubbles never surface and pop.  This ensures ample oxygen is available throughout the length of the drip line. It is possible to see an increased yield of 30% compared to traditional methods.

Reduce Odors

No one enjoys the scent wafting off of a wastewater treatment plant.  Gaseous byproducts of decomposing organic matter produce offensive odors as a result of anaerobic activity.  Utilizing a nanobubble system can increase the oxygenation of wastewater. The nanobubbles evenly distribute throughout any depth of water column following Brownian motion.  The elimination of any anaerobic environment prevents these irritating odors from being generated.

Reliably and safely increasing the oxygenation of substrates is no longer an issue with the implementation of nanobubble systems. It is exciting to see the increased efficiencies various industries are enjoying through the application of this technology.

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