The 6 Elements Of A Mid Century Modern Kitchen

Century Modern Kitchen


Creating a kitchen is not sufficient, you will have to design it as well to make your cooking experience better. Following a theme when designing the space can elevate the appearance of the kitchen. While some people prefer contemporary modular kitchen designs, others are more inclined towards a traditional look. If you cannot decide which option you should choose, a mid-century modern kitchen will be a great choice for you.

Mid-century modern kitchens are popular because they are the perfect combination of contemporary designs and vintage charm. People who want the best of both worlds opt for this option. By designing the kitchen as per your preferences, you will feel more comfortable and have more fun while cooking. One of the biggest benefits of a mid-century modern kitchen is that it is a blend of old and new style elements and will never go out of fashion. If you are planning to create a beautiful mid-century modern kitchen, here are a few elements you must include in it:

01 of 0 Cabinets with flat fronts

Your cabinet design is important when setting the design of your kitchen. Different cabinet designs look better in different kitchens. For instance, raised-panel cabinets and shaker-style cabinets are quite popular choices in farmhouse-style kitchens and traditional kitchens respectively. Similarly, when choosing cabinets for a mid-century modern kitchen design, always opt for flat-front cabinets. These are also known as slab cabinets. Their minimalist and sleek appearance gives them a contemporary design and allows the rest of the elements in the kitchen to stay highlighted.

02 of 0 Install patterned tiles

In contemporary modular kitchen designs, you must only opt for a sleek and minimalist design. However, since a mid-century modern kitchen is a combination of both contemporary and traditional elements, it features other elements as well like bold color, graphic prints, retro accents, and geometric shapes. Hence, you should consider adding patterns to your kitchen design. A smart way to incorporate patterns is by installing patterned tiles. Tiles are easily available in many colours, shapes, designs, and patterns. You can easily give your kitchen any look you want with tiles. Depending on your preferences, you can install them anywhere like the kitchen’s backsplash, floor, and even countertops for an appealing look.

03 of 0 Feature wood grain

If you are decorating a mid-century modern kitchen, you cannot leave out natural elements. They have been a very popular element in home design during the 1950s. One of the most popular elements you would find in all the kitchens during that time is wood. This is because wood items have a very elegant and sophisticated look. The wood grains on the surface add to the visual interest as well. You can use it in any room to upgrade the look of the space. Although this trend came to a halt in the late 1970s, it has once again surfaced and is widely used in mid-century modern spaces.

04 of 0 Introduce clean lines

While adding all the elements to the space, you must always ensure that you add clean lines to the setup. Keep this rule in mind when opting for kitchen islands, integrated kitchen appliances, and front cabinets. You can always find minimalist options that feature clean lines and make the space appear more neat and organised. Since mid-century modern styles prioritise simplicity as well, you must introduce clean lines into its interior design.

05 of 0 Pay attention to the colours

Whenever designing a space, you must put some thought into choosing the colours. This is because colours will hugely influence the look and mood of a space. When designing a mid-century modern kitchen, you must always add different bright and bold pops of colours. They are one of the essential elements of a mid-century modern kitchen. If you are not afraid of making a bold statement, you can experiment with different shades like neon cabinets or pastel kitchen appliances. However, if you want a sober look, options like creating a beautiful accent wall, installing a neon backsplash, or adding small colourful elements like towels, tools, etc, can help.

06 of 0 Install open shelves

There are various storage options available for the kitchen. Although they are effective and appealing, not all of them will look good in a mid-century modern kitchen. This is because they will not match the theme of the kitchen. For your mid-century modern kitchen, experts suggest opting for open shelves. They are very effective at storing items as well. However, they do not have doors like cabinets and appear lighter than them. Hence, they will make the space appear larger. Also, if you have any beautiful cutlery sets or collections of China plates, you can display them on the shelves and make the interiors appear more appealing.

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