The Steps of Building Center Console Fishing Boat Exteriors

Fishing Boat Exteriors


The center console fishing boat is a versatile, multi-purpose fishing tool. Many people use them for docking and many other uses on the water. Working with fiberglass and resin is necessary when building one, which can be difficult and messy. Therefore, it is important that you properly prepare yourself before beginning any task which involves working with these products.

Once you have completed your do-it-yourself project, you can rest assured that this boat will provide many years of great service. Here are the five steps to building center console fishing boat Exteriors:

Prepare Fiberglass and Resin

Before applying anything to the hull’s surface, make sure both surfaces are clean; one dry and free from dust, the other wet with resin. If necessary, sand these surfaces to make them rough and remove any loose pieces of fiberglass.

Mix Resin and Catalyst

After measuring out the resin and catalyst according to the instructions on each bottle, please do not mix them; instead, pour them into disposable containers one at a time (resin followed immediately by catalyst). Then mix only small amounts (usually less than 1 cup). Use two clean stir sticks or popsicle sticks. Be careful when using your hands because if you accidentally get epoxy on your skin, it will be very difficult to remove it- use gloves.

Apply Fiberglass

Fiberglass cloth is available in many different grades, styles, and sizes, which allows you to choose the one that best fits your needs for this project. When placing the fiberglass on center console fishing boats, overlap each piece of cloth by 1/4 inch. Then, apply the resin with a paintbrush.

Use Epoxy Putty

To fill gaps between the glass cloth and the boat’s hull, use 100% pure epoxy putty, available in different colors (for matching your fiberglass). After mixing it according to instructions, apply it directly over any holes or cracks you want to be filled before applying additional glass cloth.

Position and Attach Components

After everything has been applied, you will need to wait 36 hours before adding components like seats, consoles, or fuel tanks. These items can be attached either with screws or bolts, but use washers and nuts for extra protection against corrosion if you are using the latter.

You can build the console’s fishing boat exterior to provide many years of enjoyable service by following these simple steps. Be patient and take your time; it is easy to make mistakes when working with fiberglass and resin.

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