Top 7 Action Games for Android

Top 7 Action Games for Android


Are you looking for good games to pass the time in public transportation or the washroom, but subtlety is not your first trump card? Are you looking for fun, whether free or paid, to let off steam? Then here’s our selection of the best action and shooting games (in FPS or TPS) available on Android’s Google Play Store (with one exception).

Shooting games, whether the first person (FPS) or third person (TPS), are top-rated on consoles and PCs. The genre has, of course, been taken to our smartphones, and touch screens have proven to be incredible companions for precision aiming. Whether you like war games, battle royale, boom boom pan, big guns, or just looking for a game to pass the time, here is our selection of the best FPS and TPS on Android and iPhone. And since we know that price is often a key criterion when choosing, we’ve separated these games into two categories: free shooting games and paid shooting games.


The world’s best-known FPS license is back on our smartphones with Call of Duty Mobile. The game is based on the realistic universe of the PC and console opus while adding more recent mechanics found for example in Fortnite with a Battle Royale mode or a Battle Pass that allows you to collect many additional bonuses.

Critics particularly acclaim coD Mobile for its gameplay that is very faithful to that of the series and its immaculate monetization system, far from what some free-to-play on mobiles are used to.


We start this selection right away with the exception: Fortnite Battle Royale. The game has been a massive success since it conquered the mobile world. This title lets you fight against other players in a gigantic arena that gradually shrinks as you search for weapons and protection to survive as long as possible.

Fortnite owes its popularity to its good-natured, cartoon-like side and its rather peculiar gameplay since while you’ll be able to kill your enemies with a shotgun, you’ll also have to build more or less elaborate fortifications to take cover.

Fortnite is an exception in this guide as it is the only game here that is not available on the Play Store. But don’t worry, our dedicated tutorial explains how to enjoy it on Android and what the system requirements are.


This is Fortnite’s most serious competitor since the principle is very similar. On PUBG Mobile, you’re on your own in a large arena that shrinks as time goes by.

Unlike Fortnite, the tone is a little more “serious” on PUBG, with a world of more realistic graphics and therefore perhaps more immersive for some. If you want to know what to choose between PUBG and Fortnite, follow the guide!


It’s hard to list the shooting and action games on Android without mentioning Modern Combat 5, Downloadroms modern FPS. Often compared to the Call of Duty license, Modern Combat plunges the player into the middle of today’s war. This fifth opus answers the many criticisms that were addressed to the previous episodes, starting with the length of the levels, reduced to better adapt to the mobile format and short game sessions. It also features a multiplayer mode that will delight fans of online gaming.


Dead Effect was initially intended to be a mix of Dead Space and Mass Effect. An ambitious blend and rather not too badly successful on mobiles. The second opus, Dead Effect 2, takes up what made the success of the first part and brings some new graphics, new equipment, new powers and a new story. It should be noted, however, that a sturdy device is recommended to play this title properly.


Survive and save your family! These are the only things that obsess you in this zombie-infested world, into the Dead 2 consists of 60 levels spread over seven chapters. Run through the hordes of the undead by zigzagging them with guns or your dagger. You can also shoot them down from military positions or the roof of specific vehicles. No time to get bored when you’re always thinking about saving your skin.


Guns of Boom is a perfect game for all those who like to compete without taking themselves too seriously. The onomatopoeia in the title sets the tone. We’re here to fight in PVP with all kinds of guns in a very colourful universe that seems to borrow several codes from comic books. It’s a lot of fun, and despite the in-app purchases, it’s possible to go quite far in the game without spending a penny or making too many concessions.

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