Types of Rings That You Must Know About

Types of Rings That You Must Know About


Rings have a special place in jewellery section since the very beginning. A simple gesture of slipping a ring in your partners finger is considered to be a symbol of promise to protect that relation for a lifetime. Earlier rings were majorly gifted by male counterparts to their ladies. But this is no more the case. Today ladies like to self-pamper and can even afford gifting themselves with beautiful ring. The array of options in women’s rings is as vast as the different personalities you will find. And to find the one ring to suit your personality from thevast ocean can be a task.

To make this search for the perfect ring easier here is a list of rings that you must know about before you go searching.

Gold Ring – Want to be fancy but not too jazzy? A classic gold ring is your solution. Be it a plain gold ring bad or one embellished with your birthstone, gold ring has always been a classic choice offering a wide range of option to experiment with.

Rose Gold Ring– Modern problems need modern solutions. Similarly, todays edgy woman needs a jewellery that will set her apart from rest of the crowd. If you are someone who has a penchant for new-age jewellery and love to experiment of the tradition trinket box, then rose gold is a metal for you. Keep it plain or add diamonds to it, rose gold ring is sure elevate your spirit.

Diamond Solitaire Ring– A ring can be a great conversation starter make sure you make it worth. Diamond solitaire ring is one such ring that you will never regret investing in. It comes with single diamond embellishment which is highlighted for all the attention the dazzling stone and you deserve.

Multiple Diamond-Studded Ring– You know jewellery is not just an accessory to complement your ensemble but a style statement that’s says a lot about you. Especially rings as you wear them on daily basis.  Multiple diamond-studded rings come in various patterns like geometrical, floral and even abstract each one speaking for a different persona.

White Gold Ring– Although yellow gold and silver has enjoyed most of the popularity in jewelleries, it doesn’t mean they are the only option available. White gold is one such regal option that is known for its lustrous white appearance. It complements the dazzling diamond embellishments in unique way and give it a celestial appeal.

Pearl Ring– If you are a fan of classic fashion and prefer elegant lady-like options, then a pearl rink is must for you. You can add tiny diamonds to the pattern, in case you want to add some bling to it.

There is no doubt that rings are loved by every lady. Rings have a special place in jewellery domain as every ring symbolises something. It is a remark of celebration, be it wedding, self-love or achievement. Some like it bold whereas some would prefer minimal pattern, but every ensemble needs a ring to complete its style quotient.   

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