5 tips to care for your chandelier



Chandeliers irrespective of their sizes and styles are meant to make your room more grand and elegant. However because most chandeliers come with esoteric, convoluted, and sophisticated shapes, they are usually more difficult to maintain and clean. This makes the light fixture become a haven from dust, thereby providing a rather dull lighting. Maintaining and cleaning your chandelier should not be a difficult chore. These five hacks help you get the better of the chandeliers during cleaning.

1) Look for how best you should handle the chandelier

The shape, age, size, and type of Chandelier will determine its routine maintenance steps. For instance, the best way to clean crystal chandelier is different from how best to clean every other chandelier like the newer or regular chandeliers. Crystal chandeliers come with more delicate maintenance routines than all the other chandeliers. You need to know what works for your chandelier.

2) Take it off and clean it

Having understood the best way to clean crystal chandelier or any other type of Chandelier, you can take it off and clean it. You could clean it without taking it off but it is better to bring it down for a long-lasting cleaning process. It can be done in three simple steps:

Carefully unplug the chandelier and bring it down.

  • Take it apart and lay all pieces on a blanket.
  • Get a little detergent plus hot water to wash off each piece.
  • Rinse off, dry out, and polish outreach piece.
  • Assemble the chandelier and hang it back on.

You should carefully handle the crystals and observe all other important components like wires to avoid electric shocks.

3) Dust out your chandeliers every week

You could remember to include your chandeliers in your weekly chores. They can be easy to forget, this is why grime and dust usually build up on the fixtures easily. It is recommended to perform a simple cleaning routine of your chandeliers at least once a week. This type of cleaning is important to help keep off more dust from the light fixture. With regular weekly cleaning, you will not face any difficulties I’d you want to perform a thorough cleaning.

4) Get a professional chandelier cleaner

If you feel that it is such a difficult task to take off your chandeliers and clean them up, you might want to consider getting a professional chandelier cleaning company to help you do the cleaning. Perhaps a professional cleaner knows the best way to clean crystal chandelier and many other types of chandeliers. Professional chandelier cleaners are extremely skilled and capable of taking the light component apart and safely reassembling them. Additionally, these professional hands are skilled in cleaning the light component thoroughly to give it that extra shine. Cleaning your chandelier is a delicate job that involves finesse and a lot of diligence and can be burdensome for people who lack the skill and patience.

5) Regular maintenance

Cleaning your chandeliers is only one part of the job needed to ensure that your chandelier looks good. A continuous maintenance routine will ensure that you keep the fixture working well all the time. You could learn to maintain your chandelier or you can simply call a professional that knows how to maintain chandeliers. Maintenance is important for old and antique chandeliers.

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