Immigrate and finally be together

Immigrate and finally be together


Planning to immigrate? Well it’s a good choice, especially if living in your country is not possible. Many countries that have wars or natural disasters or that are in poverty try their best to life by moving to another country and starting new life there. If you look at North America you’ll see that the majority of the population are immigrants that either moved there sometime ago, or people that have just moved. Overall all there are plenty and most of them are families. But here’s the thing, it’s not possible to go to another country immediately. You need visa. Especially if you are married or have kids you’ll need to get a family visa, so if you see a family for you to moved into a different country easily

What is this visa?

This is a type of visa pertaining to family matters. Getting this visa for your whole family is a good choice. Basically this visa states that you and your family is considered as one. Or say if you are staying at in a different country than your partner or family you could apply for this visa and have them join under it too. That way it makes it easier for them to stay in the country. These visas are usually temporary, if you are living aboard with this visa your eligible to apply for citizenship. That would mean you won’t have to renew your visa. Now if your visa does expire and you can’t renew it then you will have to go back.

What is the specialist for this kind of visa?

Family and partner visa specialists are people that will aid you with the visa. They will help you with the paper work and so or you can go to an immigration agency and see if there are people like that. Or there are private firms that will help you settle visa you need. Not to mention it may be hard without a specialist on your side as they know all the legal barriers. So hiring one may not be all that bad.

How much do they charge?

This is a service after all that mean that they will also charge what they want. The costs will depend on how long they work for. It’s like an immigration lawyer, they too will also be charging for the hours, or so on a daily basis. Some could charge a fixed amount if they only see the specialist once. So these factors have to be taken into consideration. Furthermore you would also have to pay the visa fees. These can end up being pretty pricy too. So in the end you may end up paying double the cost

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