Stacey L Tokunaga – How Can Research & People Skills Help A Lawyer in a Case

Stacey L Tokunaga - How Can Research & People Skills Help A Lawyer in a Case


Lawyers know the laws of the land, and they take the onus of explaining them to the common man. However, when it comes to court cases and litigation, a good lawyer becomes deeply involved in the case as he/she needs to keep the interests of the client in mind. A good lawyer has the ability to not only interpret the law but also help people get the justice they deserve based on research and good interpersonal skills.

Stacey L Tokunaga – What are research and interpersonal skills for a lawyer?

Stacey L Tokunaga is an eminent lawyer in the USA, and she is known for her invaluable knowledge and experience in law in Orange, CA. She says that every case is different, and so a good lawyer needs to create a strategy that is focused on giving the client the justice deserved. It is here that research skills play a key role in winning a case.

Research is the key to understand a client needs and expectations from the case

Every lawyer should be able to research effectively when it comes to an understanding of a client. It is wise to first know what your client needs and expects from you. This is the first step for you to prepare legal strategies for the case. When you are preparing a legal strategy, you need to absorb and understand a lot of information. This information needs to be disintegrated into something that is useful and manageable for the case.

The role of interpersonal skills

Law is a practice that is abstract in nature, and no matter how good a lawyer is academically, at the end of the day, he/she deals with people. In fact, the lawyer often needs to make choices on behalf of their clients, and this often can affect the life of a person drastically. Lawyers should be able to understand and read people. They should be able to recognize the honesty of their witnesses and know the reactions of the jurors. This helps them to decide on what is the perfect approach to embrace when it comes to attaining the desired results. Clients in litigation take their advice, and often, lawyers need to enter into negotiations with the lawyer of the opposing party.

In the opinion of Stacey L Tokunaga, every good lawyer invests time and effort into research on the case and people associated with it. She says that some cases are very sensitive, and it is here that a good lawyer uses the presence of mind. Simply knowing the laws is not enough. The client needs to be guided well. There are times where the case takes a wrong turn, and it is here that the lawyer should not get dejected. With the right approach and attitude, lawyers are able to win cases with their intelligence, research, and people skills. A good lawyer is dedicated and committed to every case taken. They have good analytical skills to help clients get the legal aid deserved and justice in any competent court of law with success!

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